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Residential Appraisal

When you buy a home, your mortgage lender will want to know whether the house you are interested in buying is worth the amount you are willing to spend. They need to check out the house for anything that can devalue or increase the property's worth. To do this, they require home appraisals for all borrowers.


One crucial difference between single family and these multi-unit properties is that the comparison basis changes. Other than location, primary considerations in single-family residential assignments are generally gross living area, the number of bedrooms, and style. In two- to four-family residential, location still tops the list, but the first consideration is not price per square foot. Gross living area isn’t the first thing investors think about. They have to think like a renter. Renters think ‘number of bedrooms,’ so price per bedroom is a major consideration. We review the rental comps and look for well-supported gross rent multipliers.


Two similar apartments located in buildings just a block apart can have very different values, depending upon the floor they’re located on, the views they offer, the physical condition of the unit, the financial condition of the building, the building’s maintenance fees, even the lighting in the unit.


Whether you and your spouse reach a marital settlement agreement, or if a judge decides property division at trial, you must know what your assets are legitimately worth. Your home's equity -- its value over and above any mortgage liens -- must be divided between you. When one spouse keeps the house, the other must typically buy out the other's share of the equity, or relinquish other marital assets equal in value to the other spouse's share. The value of the home is critical in determining the amount of the buyout.

Moore / Mardsen Calculation

The Moore Marsden calculation is designed to split the property fairly between each spouse. Giving both the community and separate property fair values. Now "Fair Values" is an argument all on its own, but these two cases have defined how fair is determined for now.

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